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     Our mission or goal with this website is to accumulate information and resources that we believe will help all cattle farmers and ranchers. 

     Included in this website you will find lots of pages and many articles pertaining to cattle breeds, cattle facts, cattle for sale, attle prices, beef cattle farming, cattle diseases, cattle production and other information related to raising beef cattle.

     We believe you will find lots of information that will help you in all your beef cattle projects whether you own and operate your own farm or ranch or work as a farm or ranch manager on a large or small spread. The information should be especially helpful for a part time or hobby person wanting to do a better job.

      In today's harsh climate within the cattle industry knowing the Terminology is an absolute must to operate any farm or ranch if you expect to have any chance at a decent profit. As your future unfolds within the industry you will thank yourself for taking advantage of all possible tools available to help you do a better job and that is the main purpose of this website.

          Some of the information you will find will be related to breeding, genetics, health, bull selection, nutrient requirements, alternative feedstuffs, drought survival, feeding recommendations, electronic ID, computer software and much more.

  We hope you enjoy and profit from our web site.





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